If your organization already has a good handle on internal data collection with your ERP solution, maybe it is the time to take the next step: implementing performance dashboards with the QSeries family of products.

The QSeries use leading dashboard software to integrate information that follows your business processes with information on your strategic objectives to create a performance guide for your employees and your business priorities.

The QSeries will help your company make their everyday actions consistent with long-term organizational goals.


Three Types of The QSeries Performance Dashboards in Action


The QSeries understands that people doing different roles have varied data needs, so dashboards come in three types:

“Operational dashboards” – This setup supports the endeavors of those performing your company’s principal work. To give employees prompt access to the information they need, The QSeries created dashboards to serve different analytical needs. One dashboard, for example, allows a sales manager to oversee his sales and performance metrics.

“Tactical dashboards” – These tools enable managers to analyze business processes and projects. Many QSeries clients set up their dashboards to gain a competitive advantage from its internal data. Built around a company wide business intelligence portal, these dashboards make financial information easily accessible, emphasize analysis over data collection, facilitate forecasting and support sound decision making, while avoiding rationalization.

“Strategic dashboards” – This approach allows executives use The QSeries to ensure that operations and activities match company strategies and goals. Each dashboard should give users access to meaningful operational data, options for reaching into the supporting data and indicators showing how actual performance compares with expected results.

The QSeries dashboards brings together a mix of a Balanced Scorecard, a mix of financial data and other metrics that your company monitors.